Our education philosophy is centred on the 3 key pillars:

Holistic, Personalised, Accessible.


We believe education should be all rounded, to nurture the person beyond the grade.

Our teaching style goes beyond rote learning, and imparts more than knowledge. We instil a passion for learning among our students, and provide them with the tools and skills to explore and discover and learn outside of the classroom.

Our emphasis on study tours, and on the job attachments both locally and internationally, are designed to build character and broaden horizons.


We craft personalised learning programmes, catered to the individual student

Our teachers are trained to understand the needs of each student, and are able to craft comprehensive personalised learning programmes that cover both broad learning goals and specific achievable targets. Our teaching materials are also designed in-house to the most stringent standards.

What this means is that students will be able to know when they have achieved their milestones, while keeping the bigger picture in mind.


We ensure our fees are fair and competitive, because an education should be accessible.

At Learning Mpire, we care about the quality of teaching that we provide and we take care of our staff and teachers. At the same time, we want all students to have the benefit of a good holistic education. So we ensure our fees are fair and competitive to our teaching staff, and still very affordable for our students.